Rates and discounts

Our daily pass is 6,00 €, except on Sundays and special party days, 6,50 euros, but we offer a wide range of discounts and promotions. With your daily pass you can go in and out  whenever you want throughout the day.

Daily pass Admittance 6 euros
Mornings until 3.00 pm Admittance 5 euros
**************************************** **********************************************
F10 12 admittance tickets (4,50 euro for ticket) 54 euros
F5 6 admittance tickets (5 euros for ticket) 30 euros
From 26 to 30 y.o. 4 euros Daily Admittance fee
From 18 to 25 y.o. 2 euros Daily Admittance fee
It’s your birthday! Free admittance with a friend
Coming of age! Free admittance with a friend if it’s your 18th birthday and welcome pack.
Young Party 1 euro admittance if you are between 18 and 30 y.o.
Every 20th Free admittance if you are over 20 cms hung. (7,8″)


We also have other discounts and promotions from our RRPP (Facebook, GayRomeo, Bakala, Grinder, Bender, Forums, Chats… )

“HOT Basement” Renting: You can rent our “HOT basement” for you private parties, available to let everyday. You can rent this place during our opening hours for 100 €/hour, 3 hours minimum,  This include our staff to help you organize and supervise everything.